Post Operative Tips for Acne Laser Treatment


Laser treatment is one of the most popular procedures for acne. Although the procedure is relatively expensive compared to various products available in the market today, the results are noticeable immediately with lasting effects. The procedure has also developed remarkably in the past years that it has become one of the safest procedures for acne treatment.

But you can’t just go out of the clinic and resume your regular lifestyle. There are some post operative requirements everyone has to go through whenever they undergo treatment for acne. These are essential tips as they ensure the efficiency of the treatment with very minimal pain in healing.

Experiencing Pain and Redness

Pain should be expected after the procedure. More often than not, doctors administer local anesthesia to their patients to help deal with the pain during the procedure. Pain should be expected as soon as the anesthesia wears off. There are doctors that even recommend pain killers especially for those acne laser treatment patients that go through a lot more invasive procedure.

Another side effect of the operation that should be expected is redness and swelling. Lasers would normally affect the upper portion skin layer and this would naturally cause the skin to change its color. Aside from reddish color, it’s also possible that the skin would undergo pigmentation. The skin would end up darker. But don’t worry – these are just side effects of the operation and the skin will eventually return to normal.

Sensitive Skin

As already indicated, the upper most layer of the skin is treated with laser for acne treatment. This process has more than one side effect for select individuals. Aside from skin pigmentation and pain, it’s also possible that the skin would be a lot more sensitive. Pain and redness when exposed to direct sunlight can happen. It’s important to take care of the skin in the first few weeks of treatment to prevent drastic and painful side effects.

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