Basic Facts on Laser Tooth Whitening

Improving your smile with whiter teeth is now easier thanks to laser tooth laser teethwhitening. It’s a very simple process that promises amazing results the soonest time possible. Although traditional methods of maintaining your teeth is still a popular practice, laser teeth whitening is gaining in popularity because it gets the job done fast.

The Simple Process of Laser Tooth Whitening

It will only require an hour to get whiter teeth through laser treatment. Before the actual process of laser treatment, the dentist or its assistant will first clean your teeth. Cleaning is vital since it will remove anything unnecessary in the patient’s mouth.

After completing the cleaning process, a gel is applied in the teeth. The gel contains chemicals which will serve as bleacher to make the teeth whiter. Think of it as toothpaste but only for thorough bleaching.

The laser’s role in the process is to accelerate the process of bleaching. The chemicals are rapidly distributed and applied in the teeth to make it whiter fast. With the help of the gel, most experts believe that the patient’s teeth would be ten shades whiter. After one hour, the patient will have a great smile with whiter teeth.

More than Just Teeth Whitening

The main goal of laser teeth whitening is to immediately remove the dark shades in the patient’s teeth. But recent study of the treatment also shows that laser treatment for periodontal disease is also a possibility. Periodontal disease or gingivitis can actually be dealt with through laser teeth whitening. The gel used in the cleaning the teeth contains chemicals not only in whitening but even in killing germs that would cause gingivitis. The process of teeth whitening trough laser not only helps in improving the patients smile but also in preventing dental problems.

After the Procedure

Individuals who went through the procedure of laser teeth whitening should avoid eating anything that would stain their teeth for at least 24 hours. Food without any coloring is ideal for the first 24 hours. It is also important to note that the shade after teeth whitening is not permanent. However, whiter teeth may last longer with consistent brushing and avoid eating too much food that would stain the teeth.

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