Post-Operation Tips Laser Treatment on Tattoos

tattooLaser treatment on tattoos is seen as the most effective method in cleanly removing unwanted ink in the skin. It’s safe, easy to administer and its results are very imminent after a few sessions. More and more people are no longer afraid of getting tattoos in various parts of their body because they know they can easily remove them with the right laser treatment.

But going through laser treatment is not necessarily a walk in the park. Although it’s a simple procedure, there are things a patient should observe while healing the tattoo.

Gentle Handling of the Skin

The best way to care for the laser treated area is to prevent dryness and friction. Dryness in the skin could happen especially when the patient is staying in a humid, dry location. When the laser treated area becomes dry, there’s a possibility that the laser treated area would develop some unsightly wrinkles. Friction or rubbing the skin is also prohibited because it could also result to unsightly skin condition.

Dryness and even itchiness in the laser treated area could be easily prevented. Doctors usually would recommend a cream that would keep the skin soft and prevent dryness. A soft skin easily heals and it would return to its normal state.

Discoloration is a Possibility

Because laser blasts the uppermost layer of the skin, there’s a possibility that the laser treated area would be reddish. This should be expected and often part of the healing process. The skin should return to its normal color in a few weeks after treatment. There’s also a possibility of pigmentation for people who have very sensitive skin.

Limiting pigmentation or the reddish color is a possibility by avoiding direct sunlight on the laser treated area. Covering the laser treated area is highly recommended if sunlight is unavoidable.

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