Laser Treatment for Varicose: After Care Procedure

varicoseTreating varicose veins through laser is safe, practical and very effective. The improvement in medical technology has significantly advanced in the past decade and laser treatment on varicose veins is one of the known proofs that people can feel better with an effective treatment procedure. Of course, the efficiency of laser treatment comes at a price but its well worth it because of the convenience and safety that comes with the procedure.

But even though the treatment is very effective with immediate results, post operative care is still important to prevent dangerous side effects.

Controlled Exercise

Laser treatment for varicose veins is one of the few procedures that recommend movement on the first few days. But that doesn’t mean patients have to go through strenuous exercise. Heavy lifting is still prohibited. The patient should at least walk 15 minutes a day after the procedure. This simple and slow exercise will ensure blood flow in the treated area which ultimately prevents the skin problem from coming back.

Aside from controlled exercises, the patient should also avoid standing or sitting for extended period. When walking, the feet should be elevated – this simple practice helps in preventing side effects and pain.

Redness and Pigmentation is Expected

One of the common effects of laser treatment is redness in the treated area. Laser blasts through the skin which ultimately affects its upper layer. Redness will naturally happen and its part of the healing process. Pigmentation is also a possibility for select individuals especially for individuals who have very sensitive skin. It’s even possible to notice bruising in the treated area.

The Importance of First Week

The most important healing period for laser treatment on varicose veins is on the first week. Doctors often provide extensive instructions on the healing process especially on invasive laser treatment procedure.

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