Laser Treatment on Stretch Marks – Important Facts to Know

stretchLaser treatment is consistently gaining in popularity because more and more people are experiencing impressive results. This type of treatment has been used in various skin problems and it’s currently gaining steam in dealing with stretch marks. Many people who underwent stretch marks treatment with laser are seeing results in an instant.

On the other hand, it’s important not to be swayed by hype and look into important facts about laser treatment on stretch marks. By learning more about these facts, you’ll have a good idea on the process itself or if it will work for you. It can be frustrating to go through these treatments without any positive result.

Treatment is Not for Everyone

Laser treatment for stretch marks is not for everyone. It’s an unfortunate fact but there are individuals who get swayed by the hype that they can actually completely remove the stretch marks in their body with the help of laser. Laser treatment for stretch marks is only effective for new stretch marks. If your stretch marks are already more than a year old, the efficiency of laser treatment is very limited. It could limit the depth of stretch marks but it cannot completely eradicate the marks. Most, if not all, experts agree that old stretch marks could be reduced by up to 50% only with the help of laser treatment.

A Single Treatment is Impossible

One of the reasons why laser treatment could be relatively expensive is the fact that you will be required more than on treatment session. Expect multiple sessions in dealing with your stretch marks and along the way, you have to go through some slight side effects. Skin pigmentation is common in any type of laser treatment because the procedure directly works with multiple skin layers. Your doctor should give you an estimate on the number of sessions you have to go through to find results.

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