Varicose Veins Laser Treatment

There are many women and men who are both embarrassed and bothered by spider veins (also called blue veins) on their faces and legs.  These veins are those little red, blue and often purple blood vessels which show up on the skin surface and are normally that show up on the skin surface and are not contagious.   Sometimes, when the veins get bigger they can cause very minor medical symptoms.

By contrast, varicose veins are very different.  These are painful big veins that no longer work and they clot because blood collects and can no longer pump oxygen into the tissue and get rid of waste.  The veins are located in one of the legs.  Over the years the methods for treating varicose veins has improved.  In the past people were advised to keep their feet lifted as they sat all day.  Then companies made support hose to help the blood circulate properly.  Doctors then began treating varicose veins by using a stripping technique by removing the non functioning vein out of the body.  And now there are much less invasive procedures like laser treatment and sclerotherapy which collapses the veins and is absorbed inside the body.

This laser treatment works by damaging the vein tissues.  The laser is directed to a very specific area of vein which does not work and wavelengths are sent into it.  As the laser is used, the energy enters into the both the venous tissue and blood which causes damage to the vein.

Prior to the treatment your doctor will assess you to see if they treat your specific case.  . Make sure before the consultation to write down all the prescriptions, vitamins and supplements you are taking and give the list to the doctor.   Also tell them about any allergies, and if you have problems with anesthetics.   Your physician will talk with you about eliminating any blood thinners or aspirin and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines before the treatment to avoid the excessive bleeding.

Show up for the treatment by wearing comfy loose fitting clothes. Make certain to bring a relative or friend so drive you back home after the treatment is finished. Your physician usually will give you compression stockings to wear directly after treatment in order to significantly reduce tenderness and bruising.   These stockings are typically worn for 7 days and not removed at all for the first 3 days.  The patients are recommended to do exercise such as aerobics and for the next couple weeks should not rest in bed, take long trips, lift heavy objects and take hot baths.

Significant problems directly after the procedure are uncommon. People who are not good prospects to get their varicose veins treated with lasers are ones who are in bad health, have anesthetic allergies, have leg infections, and have lymphedema.  Also women who either have a venous thromboembolism or are pregnant should not have laser treatment to get rid of their varicose veins.

The great thing about this treatment is there are not medical incisions and non invasive.    This is much more effective than stripping the veins and less painful without the complications from surgery.  The treatment leaves practically no marks or scars and people who had this treatment can almost immediately get back to their daily activities.

Just like all treatments which penetrate through the skin, there are few side effects which may occur such as an infection, thrombophlebitis (which is an inflamed vein due to nerves incurring heat damage) and tenderness.  In extremely rare instances blood can clot and travel its way to the lungs.

Spider vein laser treatment does not penetrate the skin or vein.  The laser is directed to the skin.  Many patients describe this treatment similar to having a tiny elastic band moving across the skin.  These veins will typically vanish in 14 to 42 days.

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