Practical Tips for Laser Nail Fungus Treatment

Laser treatment for toenail fungus is a relatively new procedure. But even though it’s something that needs experience, it has alreadyrednail gained popularity because of its immediate effect. Hands and toenail fungus laser treatment has become the first choice of many individuals especially those who have tried other types of treatment with very minimal results.

How Does it Work?

Laser treatment nail fungus is actually a very simple procedure since lasers are direct to the fungus. The laser’s objective is to vaporize the fungi located in the infected area. This is where the beauty of laser comes in: with pinpoint accuracy nail fungus laser treatment only targets the fungi and it doesn’t have any effect on the skin or the nails. This means patients who undergo the procedure will most likely never have to go through any type of side effects.

The procedure for laser treatment for nail fungal infection is also very quick. More often than not, it will only require 10 minutes (per toe or nail) which is relatively faster compared to other laser treatment.

The Cost

Treatments that require laser is usually more expensive and laser treatment of toenail fungus is not exempted. Although the price varies per practitioner, patients should expect to pay between no less than $750 and could even reach $1,500. However, the fee paid is not for one treatment but a series of treatments to prevent the fungal infection from coming back. Unfortunately, fungus laser treatment is rarely covered by health insurance companies.

After the Treatment

With the advancement of medical science and technology, patients who undergo laser treatment for fungal infection can immediately go back to their regular routine. Other treatments often require their patients to rest the infected area and avoid wearing shoes or socks. But even though anyone who undergoes laser treatment toenail fungus to their regular routine, it’s very important to note that preventive measures on the part of the patient should be observed as much as possible. Laser treatments for toenail fungus are a very powerful treatment with immediate results but it requires preventive measures on the patient’s part to prevent the disease from coming back.

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