Practical Information on Laser Treatment for Varicose Veins

Laser treatment for varicose veins is an increasingly popular option. Thanks tovaricose veins the development of medical technology, varicose veins treatment with the help of laser is very safe with high success rate. People going through treatment for varicose veins can attest the efficiency of the said method not only because it simply works but its healing process is very fast.

Comparing Laser Treatment to Traditional Process

Varicose vein laser treatment is on the rise because its healing process is less than a day. The traditional process of removing varicose veins is by directly operating the infected area and the required healing time could take two weeks. Patients going through laser treatment also do not experience too much pain because it uses local anesthesia on the affected area.

How Laser Treatment for Varicose Vein Works

Treating varicose veins with the help of laser is relatively simple because it’s non-intrusive. Laser is applied in the infected area and its main goal is to crumple the vein where blood clots. A crumpled vein will no longer work or appear functional and the natural healing power of the body takes over. Other veins in the area will take over the crumpled or the collapsed veins. Blood clots that cause varicose veins are no longer visible.

The treatment usually lasts no more than an hour and the patient will only need to rest for at least another hour before leaving the office.

Price and the Risk of Recurrence

Laser treatment for varicose veins is relatively expensive. It’s a lot more expensive compared to surgery because of the required technology in order to achieve specific results. This type of procedure could cost between $600 and $3,000 depending on the severity of the skin problem and the type of procedure used for laser treatment. It’s always important to check on your doctor before making any decisions on the type of treatment.

One of the main reasons why varicose veins treatment with laser is expensive is the fact that recurrence case is less than 10%. It’s a very efficient type of treatment because it directly deals with the cause of the skin problem.

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