Laser Treatment Option for Tattoo Removal

Many people are thinking twice about getting a tattoo because it’s thought to laser tattoobe permanent. Fortunately, laser treatment for tattoo removal has vastly improved in the past few years. The treatment is quickly becoming the top choice of individuals who wants to get rid of their tattoo as soon as possible.

Learning How the Treatment Works

Laser tattoo removal is a process of beaming light in the tattooed area. Through laser beams, the tattoo is broken down into very small pieces so that the body can easily remove the colors and show the natural skin. The process is non-intrusive because the beams are emitted outside the body. It’s also a very safe procedure and will not affect the skin that doesn’t have any tattoo.

Length of Treatment, Preparation and Pain

Tattoo removal will require more than one session. More often than not, the effects of tattoo removal through laser treatment are noticeable after three sessions. The actual number of sessions (weekly) can be easily determined by the doctor. There are several factors that will affect the length of treatment: size of tattoo, the depth of ink and skin type. The tattoo color is also considered as some colors can be easily removed than other colors.

Preparation on laser treatment for tattoo removal is usually very simple since you just have to thoroughly clean the tattooed area. However, there are doctors that will require their patients to take pain killers before the procedure in anticipation of pain associated with the process of removing the tattoo.

Many people think that removing tattoo could be a painful process. It’s true that blood will be noticeable during the process of removing the tattoo. However, the pain in the treatment is highly tolerable. In some occasions, the doctor will administer local anesthesia to help improve the pain threshold of the patient.

Post Treatment Precaution

After the laser treatment, patients would usually feel pain as if their skin has sunburn. Doctors would usually prescribe pain killers or would apply ointment that works as antibiotic to prevent infection. The skin that went through the treatment process should also be covered.

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