Getting Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks

Laser stretch mark removal is a relatively simple and completely safe medical procedure. Removing those unwanted stretch marks used to be challenging but improvement in technology has improved the medical procedures in dealing with this type of skin conditions. The increasing popularity of laser treatment for stretch marks also means that more and more people are trying out this solution to get rid of this skin problem.

The Process of Laser Treatments for Stretch Marks

The process of removing stretch marks through laser lasts at an average of 10 minutes. Within this time frame, laser is blasted in the affected area and its goal is to remove a very thin layer of skin. The specific layer of skin actually comes with the scar tissues that create the unsightly marks.

Once the laser removes the thin layer of skin; the natural bodily function of healing takes over. Many are surprised on how fast the body reacts to the procedure since most experience immediate healing after the thin layer of skin is removed. The process of removing the skin is virtually painless and many experienced dermatologist could handle the procedure well.

Possible Side Effects of the Laser Treatment

Stretch mark laser treatment is a safe process but it could cause some side effects. Bruising and swelling is a possibility. However, these are very normal and will only last for a few days.  Discoloration is also a possibility especially if the infected area is relatively old but the side effect will disappear after a week or two.  Your medical practitioner should give you some advice on the possible side effects and on how to deal with it.

Cost of Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks

Laser treatment for stretch marks is not affordable. Each session could cost $400 or more. There’s always a possibility multiple sessions depending on the skin condition. It’s very important to consult an experienced professional so that the money spent on each session should produce impressive results. Laser treatment is a very popular option but could be very expensive so choosing a medical practitioner that can produce results is very essential.

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