Laser Hair Restoration – The Important Facts

hairLaser treatment is gaining in popularity simply because it is used in wide variety of medical procedures. Medical professionals take advantage of the laser’s capability to heal and even restore with very minimal to no side effects. It’s even pegged to have immediate results right after the procedure in some medical problems.

Laser hair restoration, compared to other medical procedures that uses laser, is relatively new. But that doesn’t mean information related to the laser hair restoration is very small. If you have hair growth problems, better read this first before going out to purchase your first hair restoration kit.

The Focus on Follicles

Normally, laser is used to effectively remove hair from select parts of the body. But laser treatment is also slowly developing to do the opposite – hair growth. But instead of using laser to zap the follicles, its main role is to encourage the follicles to grow. Laser is practically used to push the follicles to grow more hair.

It’s important to take note that lasers are used to encourage the follicles and this means you need to have follicles to expect some growth. If you’re already experiencing baldness, it would be difficult to grow hair simply because the follicles are already gone.

On the other hand, laser treatment for hair growth could be the ideal solution for individuals experiencing hair thinning. Of course, not everyone going through laser treatment would experience results but 90% of people with thinning hair observe improved hair growth.

At Home Treatment or Medical Professional Treatment

Laser treatment for hair growth can be administered by a medical professional or at home. Each option has some advantages and disadvantages. With the help of a medical professional, the advantage is that you’ll be provided with a healthy opinion whether laser treatment would actually be effective. On the other hand, this type of treatment from a medical professional could cost up to $4,000.

For at home treatment, the price is relatively affordable. There are packages online that only sell for $300 and the package contains the laser flat iron but instead of heat it gives out laser with hair treatment products. Its disadvantage is the fact that you don’t really know which of these laser hair restoration products will work for you or if laser treatment would actually work for you.

It’s important to note that laser hair restoration is not for everyone. Talk to a medical professional about the procedure to determine if laser treatment would actually work in your current condition.

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