Laser Hair Removal: What You Need to Know Now

Removing hair is relatively simple since you can use a razor, pluck or simplylaser hair cut it. But these methods do not provide lasting effects which means you will have to pluck the hair again especially when it grows in the unwanted area. For a more permanent solution, the simple process of laser hair removal is highly recommended.

How Laser Effectively Removes Hair

The process of hair laser removal is quite simple. The laser’s role in effectively removing hair is to destroy the hair bulb which is practically the roots of the hair. The laser hair removal machine transmits heat in the pigment where the bulbs (along with the follicles) are destroyed.

This process of destruction and heating sounds very painful but it’s actually a very safe and patient feels very small pain during the procedure. Lasers used in hair removal come with a cooling feature which prevents skin burning.

Speed is Everything

One of the notable features of laser hair removal treatment is speed. The laser requires less than a second to effectively destroy hair up to its follicles. For those who require hair removal in small spots, they will only go through the procedure in just five minutes or less.

Although laser is blindingly fast in removing hair, it doesn’t mean that those who want to remove their hair permanently only need a single session. More often than not, multiple laser hair removal treatments are required. The number of session usually depends on the type of hair and skin.

Price and Success of Laser Hair Treatment

The price of permanent laser hair removal varies but the estimated average cost is around $250. The price can be greatly affected by hair coverage, skin type and skin condition. The professional administering the procedure can give an accurate number of sessions needed to completely remove the hair.

Another advantage of laser hair removal is the fact that its success rate is very impressive. Laser hair removal is 99% effective after the required number of sessions. It’s the main reason why many people opt for laser hair treatment because they only need to spend once to remove the unwanted or unsightly hair.

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