What You Should Know Before Laser Hair Removal

One of the best techniques to remove undesired hair is by laser treatment.   In the event that you have been employing various other short-term approaches such as shaving or waxing, then it advisable to switch to a more permanent solution with laser treatment.  However prior to visiting the beauty salon, you have to understand how laser hair removal actually works.

Laser treatment isn’t that effective on every type of hair or skin.  People who have coarse or dark hair or extremely light skin usually will see the best outcomes with laser hair treatment. This procedure typically concentrates on the pigmented tissue and this does not work best for grey, red, blonde and white hair.

The most typical locations on the human body where laser treatment targets  are the back, chest, arms, legs, bikini line, the area near the lips and underarms. This treatment needs additional effort and therefore more expensive particularly when treating more surface area on the body. It typically takes up to 8 visits to totally eliminate the undesirable hair.  This will also be dependent on the skin and hair color and how big the area is on the body.

This treatment works with laser beams passing directly into the hair follicles and skin.  The heated light from the laser eradicates the hair follicles and prevents the hair from developing again.  Right after the treatment the heated skin is quickly cooled down by a device to avoid irritation.  Each laser hair treatment takes up to an hour, but can be as short as 15 minutes.  The time depends on how large the area is on the body.

Some very common side effects from laser hair treatment are soreness and swelling directly on the region which was treated.  This can linger for up to a couple of hours.  Sometimes the skin might darken or lighten temporarily.  On very rare occasions the skin might blister, scar, or the texture may change.  These adverse reactions might occur when the wrong laser treatment technique was utilized, or when the device was not set to the correct settings, or if someone with very little experience administered the therapy. Before getting treatment make sure the facility which is doing the treatment is licensed and checks client feedback online.

Do your homework about laser treatment if you desire to have your unwanted hair removed by lasers.  Don’t be shy and ask others about the track record of the clinic or beauty salon where you want to be treated.  Before the treatment there should be a consultation about what you should do before and after and how maintain the treatment to ensure the results will be satisfactory.

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